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Our banner is based on BEKI’s stained glass, designed in 2008 by Cynthia Beth Rubin. For information on this and other of Cynthia’s work, go to: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Artisan Fabrication by JC Glass of Branford, CT

Judaic Lecture Audio Collection

  • “American Sugyot: Unmasking Issues in Conservative Judaism through Contemporary Prooftexts,” Dr. Rela Mintz Geffen, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Big Bang, God and Torah: A New View,” Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Contemporary Ethical Reflections on Identity, Community and Tradition: A Textual Study,” Dr. Kenneth Koltun-Fromm, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “An Introduction to Current Literary Approaches to Reading of Biblical Narrative: The Book of Ruth” Dr. Edward Greenstein, Rabbinical Assembly
    • “Part I: Close Reading Approach”
    • “Part II: Structuralism”
    • “Part III: Reader Response Criticism”
    • “Part IV: Feminist Criticism”
  • “Maimonides’ Laws of Giving to the Poor,” Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Manipulating Genes in the Eyes fo our Sages,” Rabbi Avram I. Reisner, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Biomedical Ethics” Rabbi Eliezer Diamond, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
    • “Part I: Halakhic Definitions of Death”
    • “Part II: Witholding and Withdrawing Treatment of Terminal Patients”
    • “Part III: Organ Transplants and Experimental Therapies”
    • “Part IV: Triage and Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources”
  • “The Meaning of Torah for Our Day: A Renaissance Jewish Perspective,” Rabbi David Ruderman, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Rabbi Yohanan Aleimanno’s Introduction to his Commentary on Shir HaShirim, Dr. Chaim Hames, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Passover in Classical Rabbinical Sources,” Dr. Ruth Sandberg, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “Resistance and Auto-Emancipation in the Exodus: Insights from the Midrash,” Rabbi Allen Kensky, Rabbinical Assembly, 2000
  • “What Will Jewish Community and Jewish Values Mean for the 21st Century,” Plenary Session of the Rabbinical Assembly, Dr. Arnold Eisen, Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna, et al., Rabbinical Assembly, 2000