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Our banner is based on BEKI’s stained glass, designed in 2008 by Cynthia Beth Rubin. For information on this and other of Cynthia’s work, go to: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Artisan Fabrication by JC Glass of Branford, CT

BEKI Live Streaming – Shabbat

If you want to watch the livestream while minimizing interaction with electricity on Shabbat, you can do the following:

On your computer, close all programs related to work-week material – email, text message notifications, etc. Before Shabbat, open a browser window with one tab alone – the synagogue livestream. Open the monitor settings on your computer and tell it not to go to sleep during periods of unuse.
It is likely that during the course of Shabbat, your browser window will need to be refreshed (or your computer will need to be woken up). In this case, rely on the opinion that doing a d’rabanan (or takanah-level) action on Shabbat can be performed as long as one does it “kil’achar yad,” which means, in a way that you don’t normally do it. Try using your non-dominant hand to click refresh; try sitting in a different position. This would render it halakhically acceptable.
If the halakhic language seems abstruse to you, the value that we are going for is this: even if opening the livestream is not a problem on Shabbat, we still nevertheless tend to use our computers for things like work – things that are the opposite of Shabbat. Do everything you can before Shabbat to minimize your computer’s “work” feeling – closing your email, etc. And try to make the space in which you watch the livestream feel holy and meaningful. Make it feel special – not just “another zoom meeting,” but something significant.

When you see , click the BEKI logo. See the schedule of live-streamed services below.

NOTE: If during scheduled times you do not see the LIVE symbol, wait a few seconds and refresh your browser.
If the feed cuts off before the service is complete, try any of the following: Click Refresh; or Click Back, then click on the BEKI logo.

Schedule of Live-Streamed Shabbat Services

Service Times 2022 – 5782 

Service Broadcasting begins at Service Begins at
Erev Shabbat – Fridays
Kabbalat Shabbat – Maariv 5:30p 6:00p
Shabbat Day Services
Shaḥarit Morning Service 8:45p 9:15a