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Kosher Food, Restaurants & Kashrut

Kosher Restaurants in New Haven

Claire’s Corner Copia, kosher vegetarian. Call (203) 562-3888.

Edge of the Woods Market delivers. Call (203) 787-1055 or email

NEW! Ladle and Loaf, kosher meat restaurant, 357 Whalley Avenue, near the Edge of the Woods plaza. You can see their menu at

NEW! Fin and Scale, kosher sushi, in Westville Village at 920 Whalley Avenue.

Kosher Delivery to New Haven

Yosi Kosher Catering/ Yosi Kitchen in Windsor, which prepares Mediterranean Style meat, fish, vegetarian, now has a variety of delivery options., (860) 578-2314

Crown Market in West Hartford accepts online orders for delivery to the JCC in Woodbridge. Typical deliveries are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Order deadlines are 6 to 10 days prior. Crown Market’s schedule of New Haven deliveries is at

NEW! A Taste of Eden in Milford, with food prepared by Adam Heyman, delivers to New Haven, or you can pick up at Chabad of Milford at 15 Edgefield Ave. Adam publishes a Shabbat menu for each week (order by 7 pm Tuesday) and caters events also. Call (203) 684-6008 or email

Kosher Family / The Marketplace in Brooklyn. (718) 363-1300. Deliveries to homes in New Haven are made on Wednesdays. Orders must be placed before Tuesday 4:00 PM. Minimum order is $150, with $14.95 delivery fee.

Fair Trade Chocolates List, click here

Shavuot recipes from our members and friends:

Avocado Cheesecake Pie – Darryl Kuperstock

Blintzless Soufflé (dairy) – Darryl Kuperstock

Grandma Ida’s Blintzes – Murray and Barbara Akresh

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries – Darryl Kuperstock

Divine Cheesecake – Lynn Saltz

Easy Cheesecake – Sarah Berry

Easy Peasy Cheesecake – Lana Gad

Foolproof New York Cheesecake – Ellen Cohen

Hungarian Cheesecake (Finum) – Rob Hoffnung and Marsha Beller

Lemon Ripple Cheesecake Bars Recipe – Darryl Kuperstock

Mystery Pecan Pie (cheesecake center) – Darryl Kuperstock

Oh So Easy Baked Blintze Souffle – Lana Gad

Simple Lactose-free Bletlach (Blintz leaves) – Rachel Bashevkin

Vegan Cheesecake with Soaked Apples – Darryl Kuperstock


Adherence to kashrut, the dietary laws, is an important expression of the value of community and the centrality of halakha (Jewish law) at Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel. The majority of BEKI households observe kashrut, and kashrut training is part of the Religious School curriculum. Support is available to members who wish to newly kasher their homes. All food at our facility, whether at a public affair such as a kiddush luncheon or in a private setting such as a wedding seuda (feast), is served under strict supervision.

KINAHARA: The Kashrut Initiative of the New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

Mashgihim working for caterers are welcome, indeed encouraged, to kasher the kitchen facilities before use, in collaboration with the synagogue rabbi’s mashgiah. Guests are always welcome and encouraged to contact the rabbi or synagogue mashgihim prior to or during events to clarify any issues of concern. As a matter of outlook, we attempt to create a “transparent” environment so that anyone interested can know what standards and procedures are followed. We welcome reports of irregularities or questions about procedures.

Information for caterers and vendors is provided in a Caterer’s Checklist and in a Dear Kosher Caterer letter in the Guide to Benei Mitzva Observance. These documents also contain administrative policies of interest to caterers and vendors serving this congregation.

All cheese, wine and grape juice served must be produced under rabbinic supervision. Non-mevushal wines generally are not served, but may be served when their status is clearly displayed for the benefit of those concerned. Swordfish and other fishes of unclear status are not served.

Halav Yisrael and stam dairy products, pat Yisrael and stam bread products are served. Items produced in-house are bishul Yisrael, although no representation is made concerning “store-bought” items; caterer or vendor-provided items depend on the caterer or vendor. Those concerned are invited to check with the event’s sponsor or the mashgiah on duty.

No representation about kashrut is made concerning items served at off-site events (such as a LaG BaOmer Kumsits or an Erev Shira Song Night at a private residence), nor at community events for which the Congregation is listed as a “sponsor” or “cosponsor,” unless specifically stated.

All food served at BEKI is prepared or heated in compliance with Shabbat restrictions. For details of the implementation of this policy, see the Dear Kosher Caterer letter in the Guide to Benei Mitzva Observance.

The Congregation prohibits serving peanuts and peanut-derived food, as peanuts represent a health hazard to some of our members and visitors. Nevertheless, the Congregation does not guarantee all foods to be peanut-free. All gelatins, including “kosher” and fish-derived gelatins, are prohibited, as gelatin products are subject to confusion and offend the religious sensibility of some members.

See also, Toward a Moderate Communal Kashrut Regime for more information on kashrut.

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