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Religious School

BINA, our religious school, provides religious education two days a week for students in grades K-6. Open to children regardless of synagogue affiliation, BINA stresses excellence in supplemental education and maintains small class size. BINA is a Hebrew word that means “understanding,” and that’s what our religious school aims for: a deep and ever-growing understanding of Jewish tradition and how each child fits within it.

BINA, launched in fall 2022 under the direction of Education Director Annie Norman-Schiff (pictured above) and Rabbi Eric Woodward (pictured at right) brings both continuity and changes. We are implementing a new curriculum based on the insights of our Education Visioning Committee. This includes new approaches to Tefila (prayer); a renewed focus on Jewish character development and values; and a stronger connection between what happens at school and the rest of the life of the congregation.

Our school brings together a diverse group of students for the purpose of learning the fundamentals of living a full Jewish life, such as Hebrew language, Jewish history, holiday rituals, values, and prayer.

The School’s curriculum is both traditional and innovative. It is traditional in that we take Jewish learning very seriously. The innovations include a developmental emphasis, the use of multi-age grouping for some classes and activities, a uniquely individualized Hebrew language program, family education programs, and a special kindergarten curriculum for the youngest students. The faculty is dedicated to education and development, and the students are happy and enthusiastic about learning.

BINA encourages active participation in synagogue life, and provides opportunities for parents to model continuing Jewish education. Family involvement is essential to a child’s developing Jewish identity and the reinforcement of classroom lessons.

Children in the K-1 class meet Sunday mornings. Children in grades 2 through 6 meet Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. There are also Shabbatons and holiday celebrations.

To download registration information, click here or call the BEKI office at (203) 389-2108 x114 or email the office at To arrange a visit or for more information, email Education Director Annie Norman-Schiff at

BINA is supported by the The Gladys R. Lipkin Fund for the BEKI Hebrew SchoolThe George & Leah Posener Endowment for the Jewish Education of BEKI Youth, the Louis Friedman Scholarship Fund and the Rabbi Andrew Klein Scholarship Fund, tuition, and the BEKI congregation.


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