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Our banner is based on BEKI’s stained glass, designed in 2008 by Cynthia Beth Rubin. For information on this and other of Cynthia’s work, go to: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Artisan Fabrication by JC Glass of Branford, CT

Daily Services & Other Holidays

Daily Minyan (Tefila) Times

Shaḥarit Minḥa/Maariv
Sunday 9:00a-9:30a 5:45p-6:15p
Monday 7:00a-7:45a 5:45p-6:15p
Tuesday 7:00a-7:30a 5:45p-6:15p
Wednesday 7:00a-7:30a 5:45p-6:15p
Thursday 8:15a-9:00a 5:45p-6:15p
Friday 7:00a-7:30a 6:00p-6:45p
Shabbat 9:15a-noon  4:15p or 5:45p-6:15p*

Winter / Summer

During Daylight Saving Time months (March through October), minha and maariv services are recited in sequence (with early maariv) most weeknight evenings at 5:45p. During Standard Time months (November through February), only maariv is recited most evenings at 5:45p, finishing before 6:00p. *For Shabbat (Saturday) afternoons in the weeks immediately before and after the change to and from Daylight Saving Time, either check the weekly schedule, or calculate the earlier of 20 minutes before sundown or 5:45p to determine starting time for minha service.


Will there be a minyan (quorum of ten adult Jews)? In our 2012-2013 fiscal year (July to June), 96.7% of our services had a quorum (counting minha and maariv as one service, counting shaharit and musaf as one); in 2013-2014, the figure was 89.5%; in 2014-2015, it was 82.6%; in 2015-2016, 86.3%.  Since 1 July 2016, our rate has been 89.0% as of 25 October 2016. If you are particularly concerned about a specific date, please contact for details, or even better, bring friends with you to the service.

Snow & Weather Emergencies

Services are normally held on schedule regardless of weather or school closings, and regardless of Religious School closings. The synagogue is located on a Snow Emergency Route. If the parking area is not accessible during a declared snow emergency, parking is permitted in nearby schools and libraries (such as Mitchell Branch Library across the street) or the municipal lot (next door) once they have been cleared. Closings are listed at WTNH News8. Please determine for yourself whether travel by any means can be accomplished safely.

Federal Holidays & Special Days

Sunday and weekday morning services 9:00a (not 7:00a) on 1 January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (Fourth of July), Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and 25 December. No Afternoon or Evening services on Thanksgiving and first and second nights of Passover unless otherwise announced. Veterans’ Day service at usual time of daily or Shabbat service.

Pesah & Shavuot Services

Festival Morning Services: 9:15a – noon

Festivals include the first two and last two days of Pesaḥ, both days of Shavuot, the first two days of Sukkot, Shemini Atseret and Simḥat Torah.

On Shabbat Passover (Friday) Night, 22 April 2016, the night of the first seder, the minha and festival maariv services at BEKI will be 6p – 6:35p.

The minha afternoon service on Shabbat Pesah (First Day), 23 April 2016, will be at 1:05p (five minutes past one o’clock); there will not be an evening service at BEKI that night.

See High Holy Days and Sukkot schedules, or Events Calendar, or current issue of monthly Bulletin.

Hoshana Rabba Morning Service: 9:00a to 10:50a (Sunday 23 October 2016)

Shavuot Evening Services and Tiqun Leil Shavuot Night of Study:  See Events Calendar.

Purim Services

See Events Calendar.  Purim events include Shabbat Zakhor (the Sabbath immediately preceding Purim); Ta`anit Esther (Fast of Esther, usually the day immediately preceding Purim) morning and afternoon services (5:45p to 6:20p); the evening Megila Reading (time varies); the morning Megila reading; an afternoon Seuda (Feast); and a Purim Minḥa afternoon service.  For a comment on the holiday, see “The Problem of Purim.”

Tisha BeAv Services

Minha afternoon Shabbat 13 August 2016 5:45p to 6:15p
Maariv Evening 13 August 2016 9p to 10p
Shaharit morning Sunday 14 August 2016 9:00a to 10:20a
Minha afternoon Sunday 14 August 2016 5:45p to 6:35p.

Preview our booklet of Tisha BeAv Songs, Poems and Dirges (Qinot)

Upcoming Events