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Sukkot thru Simhat Torah


Moishe Schnitman Sukka at BEKI

Lulav and etrog are used each morning from the beginning of Sukkot through the morning of Hoshana Rabba, but not including Shabbat. To order a lulav and etrog contact the office at Some services, and qiddush for the Festival days and Shabbat, are held in the sukka, weather permitting. Please dress accordingly. During Ḥol HaMoed and Hoshana Rabba (except on Shabbat), some wear tefillin until Hallel is begun; others do not wear tefillin during this period. The general practice at BEKI is to not wear tefillin.  The BEKI Moishe Schnitman Sukka is open for use to members and their guests, supporters and neighbors; no representation is made by the synagogue concerning the kashrut of food brought by members and their guests, supporters and neighbors for personal use in the sukka.

See Calendar or Upcoming Events for annual events such as Sukka Hop and organized Dinners (Pizza or BBQ).

Hear the blessings for festival meals.

Service Times

Holy DayDateService/EventTimePlace
Pre-SukkotThu 10 Oct 2019Sukka Build3p-5:45pCourtyard
Sukkot EveSunday 13 Oct 2019Minḥa Afternoon5:45p-5:55pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Festival Maariv Evening5:55p-6:20pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Candle Lighting5:55p (Home Ritual)
Sukkot First DayMonday 14 Oct 2019
15 Tishrei 5780
Festival Shaḥarit Morning9:15p-11:45aSanctuary
Sukka Hop3p-5:30pWestville Neighborhood & Sukka
Festival Minḥa Afternoon5:45p-6:00pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Festival Maariv Evening6:00p-6:20pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Candle Lightingafter 6:55p * (Home Ritual)
Sukkot Second DayTuesday 15 Oct 2019
16 Tishrei 5780
Festival Shaḥarit Morning9:15p-11:35aSanctuary
Festival Minḥa Afternoon &  Eve6p-6:20pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Havdala6:55p (Home Ritual)
Shabbat Ḥol HaMoedSaturday 19 Oct 2019Shaharit Morning9:15a-12:20pSanctuary
Children’s Shabbat Ḥavura (Preschoolers)10:45a-11:30aClaire Goodwin Youth Room
K-2 Kehila (Grades K-2)10:45a-11:30aClassroom 6
Junior Congregation10:45a-11:30aChapel
Shabbat Shalom Torah Studynot meetingOffice
Qohelet Readingfollows haftaraSanctuary
Shabbat Minḥa Afternoon5:45p-6:25pBeit Midrash or Sukka
Havdalaafter 6:48pHome Ritual
Hoshana RabbaSunday 20 Oct 2019

21 Tishrei 5780

Shaḥarit Morning9:00a-11:10aBeit Midrash  (Hoshanaot in Sukka if dry)
Minḥa (Afternoon)5:45p-5:55pBeit Midrash
Shemini AtseretSunday 20 Oct 2019
23 Tishrei 5780
Festival Maariv Evening5:55p-6:15pBeit Midrash
Candle Lighting5:45p (Home Ritual)
Shemini AtseretMonday 21 Oct 2019
22 Tishrei 5780
Festival Shaḥarit Morning9:15a-12pSanctuary
Yizkor Memorial Service~ 10:45a – ~11:00aSanctuary
Festival Minḥa Afternoon5:45p-6:00pSanctuary
Simḥat TorahMonday 21 Oct 2019
23 Tishrei 5780
Festival Maariv Evening & Haqafot (Dancing)6:00p-8:00pSanctuary & Social Hall
Candle Lightingafter 6:45p (Home Ritual)
Simḥat TorahTuesday 22 Oct 2019
23 Tishrei 5780
Festival Shaḥarit Morning9:15a-12:30pSanctuary & Social Hall
Haqafot (Dancing)10:15a-10:40aSanctuary & Social Hall
Festival Minha5:45p-6:05pBeit Midrash
Havdala6:44p or later(Home Ritual)
Post-SukkotSunday 27 Oct 2019Sukka Storage9:40a-12mCourtyard

* Unless otherwise indicated, candles may be lighted at or before time given

For a Hebrew Calendar Add-on with candle lighting times for Mozilla Firefox, see

Want to know who is scheduled to lead the services? Consult the Service Leader Rotation Schedule to see who is doing what where on Shabbat Evenings, Mornings and Afternoons.

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