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BEKI Families Weekly Newsletter

Children’s Havura is Outdoors This Week

See below for info on continuing Chanukah celebrations, including a Kadima/USY Chanukah Party on Sunday night, 4-6 pm, for 4th graders and up.

Children’s Havura will meet outdoors this week! It will be chilly but with no precipitation. Dress for the weather! We will gather outdoors for this service as long as the weather allows.

K-2 Kehila and Junior Congregation will meet indoors in their usual locations.

Please note the mask policy at BEKI:

  • All people attending services indoors are required to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. This is based on CDC recommendations for an area with our current level of community spread.

  • For Children’s Havura, we are asking unvaccinated people to wear masks even while meeting outdoors.

    • This includes all children over age 2.

    • We have disposable children’s masks to use if you forget.

Children’s Havura will meet outdoors in the courtyard

K-2 Kehila will meet indoors in Classroom 4

Junior Congregation will meet indoors in the library

All services will begin at 10:45 am.

Contact me with any questions:

Fun with the Parsha: Miketz

This week’s parsha, Miketz, continues the story of Joseph. Joseph begins this parsha in prison in Egypt. By the end, he is an incredibly powerful person, second in command to Pharaoh himself.

Joseph moves his way up in the world by interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams. Pharaoh dreams about seven fat and healthy cows, and seven skinny, sick cows. The skinny cows eat the fat ones. Then, he dreams about seven thick and healthy ears of corn, and seven skinny dry ones. The skinny ears of corn eat the thick ones.

Joseph figures out what both these dreams mean: the healthy, fat cows and corn represent seven years of good harvests with lots of food. The skinny, unhealthy cows and corn represent seven years of bad harvests with not enough food to eat. The seven good years will come first, and the seven bad years will come right after.

Knowing the meaning of this dream lets Pharaoh and Joseph plan ahead, to save food from the good years so that everyone can eat in the bad years.

Planning ahead helps keep everyone safe and happy! Joseph gets rewarded for his knowledge and good planning, and becomes an important leader.


Keep Celebrating Chanukah With BEKI!

Thanks to everyone who joined our Chanukah party for young families yesterday, at Mitchell Library and at BEKI!

Here are some highlights from the party, and below, see more ways to celebrate this week.

Donate Warm Men’s Clothing for DESK

Friday and Sunday Nights, 5:30 PM: Candle Lighting at BEKI

On every night of Chanukah except Saturday, BEKI will have a communal candlelighting in the lobby at 5:30 pm, right before weekday evening minyan.

Families with children are welcome to join any day! Some perks of lighting candles at BEKI:

  • Short time commitment (15 minutes)

  • Sing along to the blessings and songs with leaders who know them well

  • Indoors, but lobby has room to spread out

Sunday, December 5, 4-6 PM: 4th Graders and Up: Kadima and USY Chanukah Party

All tweens (4th graders and up) are invited to BEKI for a Chanukah party! Join with the high schoolers for a shared party with crafts, games, an incredibly elaborate dreidel tournament, fair trade chocolate gelt, and more.

Light up the night on the final evening of Chanukah, with other tweens and teens at BEKI!

Congregation Beth-El Keser Israel

85 Harrison Street, New Haven, CT 06515-1724


Annie Norman-Schiff
Youth and Family Programming Director
Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel
85 Harrison Street
New Haven CT 06515

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