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Matok @ BEKI News

Matok is young children’s programming at BEKI. Matok means “sweet” in Hebrew, and we hope that our programming brings sweetness to your world!

In This Edition

  • Saturday Morning: Family Services

  • Sunday Morning: No BINA

  • Sunday: Deadline to Order Fair Trade Passover Chocolate

  • Wednesday Mornings: Shalom Baby Cafe

  • Sunday, April 2: Pre-Passover Food Drive

  • Fun with the Parsha

Saturday Morning: All Children’s Services Meet at 11 AM

Children’s Havura (Birth-Preschool) meets in the preschool classroom.

K-2 Kehila (Kindergarten-2nd Grade) meets in Classroom 6.

Junior Congregation (3rd-6th Grade) meets in the library.

Sunday Morning: No BINA

There is no BINA on Sunday morning due to Spring Break.

BINA resumes Wednesday, March 22.

Sunday: Deadline to Order Fair Trade Passover Chocolate

Sunday is the deadline to order fair trade, Kosher for Passover chocolate through BEKI! Celebrate the holiday with sweets that were safely and sustainably produced (more info here).

Every Wednesday Morning Through March, 9:30 AM-10 AM: Shalom Baby Cafe at the JCC

For parents of babies from pregnancy to 12 months: Join a free weekly gathering at the JCC! Meet new friends in a comfortable environment with music, coffee, conversation – and babies. Registration requested, drop ins are welcome.

Sunday, April 2, 9 AM-12 PM: Pre-Passover Food Drive

As you start sorting out your chametz, think about donating unexpired, non-perishable food to BEKI’s food drive! Sponsored by the Hesed Committee and BINA, whose students will be organizing donations and learning about what is and isn’t kosher for Passover.

Fun with the Parsha: Vayakhel-Pekudei

This week is the double parsha Vayakhel-Pekudei. In past weeks, Moses received instructions from God about how to build the Mishkan, the traveling sanctuary which the Israelites can bring with them through the desert. Now, the Israelites actually get down to building it.

Moses appoints as head of the project a man named Bezalel. God has given Bezalel “a divine spirit of skill, ability, and knowledge in every kind of craft… to make designs for work in gold, silver, and copper, to cut stones, …and to carve wood—to work in every kind of designer’s craft—and to give directions.” (Exodus 35:31-4).

This means that Bezalel is an artist who makes beautiful things–an engineer who makes sturdy things–AND a leader who guides people in making a big project together.

But even Bezalel needs a helper. His second-in-command is another talented Israelite named Oholiav.

We can be like Betzalel when we embrace being good at more than one thing–as well as when we work with closely with others to get the job done.

Annie Norman-Schiff
Education Director
Congregation Beth El-Keser Israel
85 Harrison Street
New Haven CT 06515

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