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Suzanne Neusner

April – June 2022
Conversation with the Artist via Zoom:
Thursday, May 12     7:30 PM

For over 35 years, Suzanne Neusner has focused on abstract imagery through a variety of weaving and quilting techniques that she developed to reflect her own aesthetic. Her work includes references to landscapes, abstractions, and playful reinventions of traditional Jewish themes such as matzoh covers.

Neusner uses color and form to highlight contrast and texture, often in whimsical themes and nonconforming shapes. For inspiration, the Rhinebeck, New York, resident draws from her natural surroundings in the Hudson Valley as well as from her prior explorations in other media.

The artist explains:

Fiber, the medium I have chosen for my work, incorporates all of my past experimentation in art: painting, printmaking, and stained glass. Whether in tapestries or in quilts, the surface design recycles the previous techniques. New directions emerge from prior pieces.

Observing natural forms, whether through my studio window or in a photograph, I transform what I see into a fiber motif. That step requires a great effort, for I do not want to repeat myself or imitate anybody else. An additional challenge is choosing colors and manipulating fabric. Creating a work of art with lasting visual impact is what propels me to work.

A graduate of the Tyler School of Fine Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia, Neusner also studied at the atelier of William Hayter in Paris and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, where she lived for several years. Her one-woman shows have spanned the area from New England to Florida and, more recently, the Hudson Valley. Her works have also been selected for exhibitions in over 70 venues across the United States.

Many of her creations have appeared as covers for books from publishers including Penguin, Routledge, Global Publications, McGill-Queen’s University Press, and Vallentine Mitchell Publishers.

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Click here for a list of Suzanne Neusner’s works with prices

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Much of Neusner’s work can be viewed on her website,

Suzanne Neusner, Busy Garden

Busy Garden, 28”h x 23.5” w

Suzanne Neusner, Popups

Popups,  42”h x 35”w

Matzoh Cover, about 14”  x 14”
available at the BEKI Gift Shop

Matzoh Cover, about 14”  x 14”
available at the BEKI Gift Shop

Balloon Festival, 19.5 h  x 21w

Cell,  25”h x 25”w

Introspection, 16.5  x  14w

The Book of Life, 14”h  x 15”w

Keyboard Fantasy, 27”h x 33”w

Genesis 1 -12, Genesis 1:12

Floral Decks, 30.5”h x 39”w

Valley of the leaves, 26”h x 24”w

Outside the Box,  25”h x 19”w

Garden Huppah, 98”h x 49”w