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The NNs-NNs Havura (Friendship Circle)

Artwork by the late BEKI member Jordan Abeshouse, prints available in the Sisterhood GiftshopThe 20s-30s Ḥavura is a group of singles and couples in their 20s and 30s who gather frequently throughout the year to share a Shabbat Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Ḥanuka celebration or sacred time. Recognizing that many synagogue community activities and programs are geared for families with young children or for seniors, the 20s-30s Ḥavura presents an opportunity for “young people” without children (or with just a few) to explore and celebrate their Jewish identity in a synagogue setting. While the Ḥavura does not have programs or services for children, parents are always welcome to take an evening or day “off” and take part in Ḥavura activities.

The Ḥavura serves as a network of friends (both BEKI members and non-members) to support each other as they face the challenges of career development, finding partners and spouses, relating to the established Jewish institutions, dealing with illness, celebrating accomplishments, and other issues of the day. The Ḥavura is particularly important to some participants who do not have extended family in the area as well as those who wish to expand their existing circle of friends. Regular email announcements help Ḥavura participants learn more about educational and cultural activities at BEKI and throughout the Greater New Haven Jewish Community.

The atmosphere of the Ḥavura is intimate, warm and informal, with ten to twenty people participating in a typical monthly event. It is a great place to meet people, but it is not a “singles’ scene” like one might encounter at a large Jewish singles’ dance.

The 20s-30s Ḥavura was established in the Summer of 2000. Like most activities at BEKI, the 20s-30s Ḥavura is operated largely through the volunteer effort of those interested, and thus reflects the interests and commitments of its participants.

For more information on the Ḥavura, or to receive weekly email and monthly mailings on synagogue activities, contact the coordinator at or our office at 203.389.2108 x14.

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